AOC: "Free" Housing is a "Right!"

The Democrat Party continues to dispute claims that their party has embraced socialism. Time and time again, however, their actions and advocacy tell a different story. From promising to provide “free college,” “free healthcare,” and complete absolution from student loan debt, the left has made it very clear that they don’t believe in people earning their way or charging for services. This is something which can no longer be denied.

On Tuesday, House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke out about housing in America, as documented by Breitbart News. During the congresswoman’s remarks, she alleged that having to pay for rent is “extortion” and that all Americans have the “right” to free housing. Furthermore, Ocasio-Cortez expressed that individuals who are on the cusp of eviction should have “guaranteed access to [legal] counsel.”

AOC on Housing in America

In sticking with the left-wing’s approach towards college, healthcare, and student loans, Ocasio-Cortez maintains that housing is a “right.” During her remarks earlier this week, she called for a complete overhaul of the housing system in America. After branding rent prices as “extortion,” the congresswoman also claimed that the housing market shouldn’t serve as a place for rich people to “launder” their money.

Of course, AOC’s remarks were met with cheers and applause from her very leftist audience. Like many politicians, the congresswoman vowed that America will in fact make the changes which she’s rallying for. This is a promise which Ocasio-Cortez cannot truthfully keep, but she said some words which made her supporters feel good for a few minutes.

See the full remarks for yourself:

What’s Truly a “Right” in America?

In current times, Democrats believe that anything which they would like to be free is a “right.” The reality is that their claims are simply not backed by reality or the United States Constitution. Free speech is a right; bearing arms is a right.

Having access to free healthcare, free college, free housing, and erasure of student loan debt are not “rights.” These are promises which the Democrat Party is making to Americans for the sake of earning votes and political power.

The type of reform which Ocasio-Cortez is talking about would cost this nation billions, if not trillions, of dollars. Furthermore, it would have to garner the proper Congressional votes and then earn a presidential signature, something which will never happen.

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