AOC: Democrats Have "Very Real Risk" of Losing to Trump

House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, by her own admission, believes that Democrats are at risk of losing the 2020 election to President Trump, according to reports from Fox News.
The congresswoman made these remarks during an interview with ABC’s This Week; interestingly enough, Ocasio-Cortez’s comments generated a response from the president himself!

Why AOC Believes Democrats Will Lose to President Trump

In essence, Ocasio-Cortez stated that changing the lives of the working-class in America is an imperative capability for a Democrat candidate who wishes to defeat President Trump. The congresswoman’s remarks come as Democrats battle with one another on whether or not a moderate candidate (such as Joe Biden) or a more radical progressive candidate (such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren) ought to represent their party in the 2020 presidential election.
Following her statements about Democrats being at risk of losing the presidency to Donald Trump, Ocasio-Cortez followed up with examples of policies which she believes will appeal to American voters. These policies included “$15 minimum wage, fighting for education, fighting for women’s rights, et cetera.”
See for yourself:

The Democrats will most certainly lose the upcoming election to President Trump; however, Ocasio-Cortez’s comments make it clear that she still fails to understand that going as far left as possible will not resonate with most Americans.

Response from President Trump

Interesting enough, Ocasio-Cortez’s statements about the Democrats’ “real risk” of losing the election captured the attention of President Trump. The latter took to Twitter, stating that Democrats’ fear of defeat is their real reason for ceaselessly pushing for his impeachment.
In the president’s own words:
The congresswoman later fired back, claiming that impeachment is warranted and that she will “call [Trump’s] bluff any day of the week.”

Why Will Democrats Lose the 2020 Presidential Election

Democrats will ultimately lose the presidential election because their radically far-left policies do not resonate with the majority of Americans. It is truly amazing that Democrats cannot realize this, regardless of how many times it’s communicated to them. The baseless calls for impeachment aren’t helping their cause either.
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