Antifa Strikes Again in Portland

AntiFa has developed a very solid reputation for their political violence and decisions to lash out at conservatives. The group originated with the supposed desire to fight fascism, although AntiFa themselves are the embodiment of fascism and acts of violence towards those who disagree with them politically. Unfortunately, AntiFa has largely been allowed to skate by, seeing as the Democrat Party has a tendency to turn a blind eye when the group does wrong.

Once again, Americans were reminded of the pitfalls associated with allowing AntiFa to run amok. On Saturday, things got nasty in Portland, Oregon during an End Domestic Terrorism rally. AntiFa’s presence at this rally led to considerable violence and arrests, even though End Domestic Terrorism originally started with benign intentions.

Due to the events which transpired yesterday, President Trump is now considering labeling AntiFa as an organization of terror, as documented by Breitbart News.

The Violence Carried out by AntiFa

AntiFa’s presence during Saturday’s End Domestic Terrorism event resulted in multiple arrests and charges. Various individuals were taken into custody for disorderly conduct, interference with the police, unlawful weapons use, etc. Furthermore, police removed various weapons on the scene; these weapons included knives, stun guns, and more.

The truly ironic thing about all this is that End Domestic Terrorism was originally designed as a rally for AntiFa critics to express opposition to the tactics of the group. These tactics previously involved hitting, kicking, and throwing milkshakes on an editor and journalist named Andy Ngo. In addition to the various arrests and confiscation of weapons, many individuals sustained serious injuries yesterday.

An Organization of Terror

Due to the reckless and dangerous conduct of AntiFa, President Trump announced via Twitter that he is thinking of officially labeling the group as an “organization of terror.” Quite frankly, this is long overdue, although the Democrats are sure to express outrage over the inherent consequences of their actions.

Beating people up and causing a scene in the streets is never the right way to address political dissent or otherwise bridge gaps; although Americans learned long ago that AntiFa is not truly interested in fighting fascism. All they really want to do is virtue signal, pretend to have the moral high ground, and attack anyone who dares to challenge them.

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