Anti-Trump Demonstrators Flood D.C. Streets on Election Night

"Washington D.C. - Lincoln Memorial 04" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Daniel Mennerich

Prior to November 3, left-wing groups made very clear their interest in the 2020 presidential election. The interest revolves around Trump being booted out of office with Biden winning the election.
Right now, as of this morning, reports indicate that the process of counting votes is underway in Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Trump continues to lead in four of six states; as such, many Americans believe that Trump will ultimately get the win.

Apparently, demonstrators in Washington D.C. felt the same way last night, only they were quite unhappy. According to Breitbart News, the D.C. streets flooded with anti-Trump leftists clearly communicating their interest in Trump being booted from the White House.

D.C. Unrest on Election Night

Last night’s demonstrations in D.C. were very much organized by the radical, Trump-hating left.
Protesters somehow managed to get a permit to demonstrate from the National Park Service. It’s also notable that this large gathering seemed to be free of concerns about COVID-19 transmission. Unlike Trump rallies, the media declined to refer to last night’s gathering in the streets as a “superspreader” event.

During the night, left-wing demonstrators held up a sign reading “Remove Trump.” The demonstration itself took place on Black Lives Matter plaza with the protesters making clear they want Trump out of the White House.
Other signage from last night’s showdown in D.C. accused Trump of being a liar, racist, etc. Tuesday night’s demonstration seems to be the beginning of many others that will happen if Biden doesn’t win the 2020 presidential election.
Even as votes are still being counted (at least according to officials), large swaths of left-wing groups are convinced that anything other than a Biden victory lacks legitimacy.

Safety Precautions in D.C.

Violence and chaos are elements that authorities anticipated prior to last night. Businesses in D.C. boarded up before election day, while White House security officials installed a fence and other barriers around the premises.

Some of the most concerning reports indicated that leftist, anti-Trump activists may attempt to storm the White House. With certain voting counts still underway, and considering Trump’s lead in four of six “undeclared” states, a victory for the president is not unlikely.
Therefore, Americans in D.C. and other major cities remain on edge, with some uncertainty about what will happen once a winner of the 2020 election is declared.
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