Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes on the Rise in Europe

In recent times, Jews in the UK have experienced the most extreme amount of anti-Jewish hatred; the majority of incidents used speech, behavior, or images related to the war involving Israel and the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

The Community Security Council, a British Jewish nonprofit that has been monitoring racist occurrences since 1984, published a report on Thursday. This report revealed what it called an unprecedented surge of anti-Semitic behavior between May 8th and June 7th, after and during the war in Israel and Gaza.

The Month of Anti-Jewish Hate

The report, entitled The Month of Hate, indicated that during this period, it logged 628 racist hate attacks; this is the most it had ever documented in a month and four times the volume anticipated for the time.

This would be the most severe era of anti-Semitism in modern years in the United Kingdom. It has seen a spike in anti-Semitic crimes, anti-Jewish chanting and posters on public protests, instigation from jihadist radicals in the UK, and demands for the murder of Jews from Islamist terror organizations.

Everything was driven by or attempted to use, anti-Semitic responses to Israel’s conflict with Hamas, Palestinian Radical Islamists, as well as other terrorist organizations in Gaza, according to CST.

585 (93%) of both the 628 occurrences included speech, images, or behavior related to the war in Israel and Gaza. Individuals shouting “Free Palestinians!” and/or brandishing Palestinian colors at unsuspecting Jewish people were among the incidences, according to the organization, that were clearly intended to target Jews, but do so in an offensive fashion.

One weekend during an anti-Israel demonstration, a column of protesters traveled across London carrying Palestine banners while one man yelled “F**k the Jews,” and “F**k their moms and daughters.” This event received a lot of media coverage.

Attacks on Schoolchildren are Worrying

The amount of occurrences involving Jewish children, educators, institutions, and colleges, according to the organization, is concerning. 25% of events involve Jewish students, educators, schools, and higher education institutions.

As per the CST, many anti-Israel marches around the UK at the period featured racist posters, with presenters at occasions inciting deeds of anti-Jewish hatred. One speaker, during a Manchester rally, supported the conspiratorial idea that Jews dominate the media.

This speaker claimed that the major 13 managers who authorize the content provided by the BBC are really Jewish. As a result, the data distributed by the mass press will be skewed. According to the CST, some other presenter at a protest in Bradford delivered an anti-Jewish prayer in Arabic, mostly with words of the prayer having echoed back to him by the audience.

London’s Metropolitan Police reports showed that there have been 252 anti-Jewish reported incidents in the city in May; this was more than three to four times greater than the standard month, yet only resulted in 15 prosecutions.

Throughout the Mayor’s Question Period at City Hall, policemen were accused of having a hands-off strategy for dealing with racist slurs.