Anti Communist Riots Take Hold In Cuba

Vast amounts of Cubans gathered to the roadways in a variety of locations on Sunday; they gathered to oppose violations of human rights, a shortage of liberty, and the nation’s deteriorating economic status.

On Sunday, videos posted to social networking appeared to depict protests in a handful of cities, such as the capital city, Havana. 

Protesters chanted in Spanish that they weren’t terrified of Miguel Diaz Canel’s administration and demanded accessibility to COVID-19 immunizations, as well as an end to the rule.

It happens as the tropical island experiences gas, power, and vaccination shortfalls.

During Sunday’s rallies, many experts noted that it was the first occasion that all these people demonstrated against the regime since the 1994 Maleconazo revolt; this revolt caused a multitude of Cubans to flee the nation by sea to the United States.

As per videos posted online, chants of “away with the dictator,” and chants in favor of liberty, homeland, and humanity were also audible during protests.

Hundreds of people could be seen walking down the road of communities, including San Antonio de Los Baos, Guira de Melena, and Alquzar during several live streams on social media.

Will There be a Civil War?

President Miguel Dáz-Canel of Cuba is urging followers of the socialist government to protect the movement from pro-democracy protestors.

These protesters converged on state buildings on Sunday, and warned them that perhaps the Cuban leadership is able to go to any length to maintain power.

As rallies rage on, people investigating the situation in Cuba (which regresssed into mayhem Sunday) said that Cuba’s president is preparing the ground for civil war.

In reaction to the rallies, Diaz-Canel reiterated a position taken by certain Marxist administrations, blaming the riots on a global slander campaign started by the US.

He remarked on a government tv and radio channel that an order of battle has been issued; the revolutionaries have taken to the streets, thus implying that he had ordered his security personnel to remove the crowds.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a Cuban-American, documented the demonstrations on Social media.

In a tweet, he stated that spontaneous mass demonstrations bursting out in various cities in Cuba at the time included cries of “No Tenemos Miedo.” Rubio then noted that anger with dictatorships’ ineptness, corruption, and persecution is fast growing.

The congressman also seemed to be paying attention to the military police on the scene.

Should The USA intervene?

The Marxist torture squads have arrived in Cuba.  Rubio stated that US mainstream media sources mainly ignored him so far.

Diaz-administration Canel is now closing down communication on the island, according to Florida Representative Maria Elvira Salazar, a child of Cuban exiles.

Mayor Frances Suarez of Miami, who was the child of Cuban refugees and whose hometown has a large Cuban population, has advocated for an American-led involvement.