Another Caravan Is Making Its Way To The US

For some reason, the United States seems to keep attracting massive migrant caravans.

Reports from The Daily Caller News Foundation have affirmed that yet another Honduras caravan is making their way to this country.

Reviewing the Facts about the New Caravan

Members of the caravan were caught waiting at a bus station in order to commence heading in this direction. When asked about their reasons for coming to America, many of these migrants cited personal issues. The personal issues in question include financial difficulty and just a general climate of poverty. It’s worth noting that neither a climate of poverty nor financial difficulty is grounds for asylum in the United States.

Been There, Done That

Large caravans coming to the United States and hoping to get in has now officially become a pattern. This is a story we’ve seen play out time and time again. In previous situations which mirror this one, President Trump has stated that the caravans will not be allowed into the states.

Nevertheless, this has not stopped migrants from attempting come anyway, as we can see. Previous caravans have even gone so far as to hurl rocks at Border Patrol agents who denied them entry into this country. Other migrants were promptly taken into custody after their attempt to scale the United States border.

Of course, the Democrats are going to demand that President Trump allows this new migrant caravan into the United States. The reality is that it’s simply not feasible. There’s no way to vet the people who want to enter the country and they’re clearly not self-sufficient as they themselves have admitted. If we allowed every migrant struggling with poverty to enter into America, the country would be full. As a matter of fact, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents are already struggling with the current situation at the Southern border.


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