Andrew Yang Forms New Party, Splitting the Democrat Vote

Andrew Yang, a previous Democrat candidate for president, is abandoning ship to pursue a new path: “Forward.”

On Thursday, Yang spoke with Fox News about his recent book, “Forward: Notes on the Fate of Our Society,” his exit from the Democrat establishment, and his drive for rank-choice voting across the country.

Yang Believes There is a Great Need for a New Party

“Our nation faces many issues, and I believe more and more individuals are awakening to the idea we’re not being set up for success, starting with the fact we’re pitted against one another and see other citizens as sworn enemies when they aren’t,” Yang told Fox News.

Yang’s book was written on his “life experience running for the presidency,” with the goal of sharing what he “discovered about why it seems like we can’t get along and what we can do to fix it,” according to Yang.

People should “get what it’s like to run for the presidency” and “see why it feels like we’re stuck,” added the former candidate for president.

“We’re trapped so because the system is set up to fail,” Yang explained. “If you have a broken system that isn’t supposed to work, expecting it to work will only make you more furious and disappointed over time.”

“What’s required is to actually reform the system so our lawmakers’ incentives are related to us, our lives, what we’re doing, and what we think, rather than who it’s now linked to,” Yang concluded.

Yang’s latest book comes on the heels of his formation of the Forward Party, a new political party. He told Fox News he feels the United States needs “a third party,” comparing it to a third company.

“I’m a businessman and I want everybody to think about this: If there were two companies in a market, and 62 percent of people wanted an alternative to those firms,” Yang added, “wouldn’t it be nice if there was at least a third option? I believe many Americans share my viewpoint.”

“The System Needs Fixing”

“We could see the system isn’t working; we’re losing a modicum of common sense and a common-sense, middle-ground organization is needed,” Yang added, “and the Forward Party is just that.”

Yang also stated his new political party is an “open mass uprising” that is open to enrolled members of Congress. Yang asked his followers to stay with their individual parties in a blog post announcing his exit from the Democrat Party.

He argued they would be “disempowered” if they left due to the large presence of a single party in a given location. Yang also claimed, “many people (if they changed their party registration) would have no opportunity to vote in any of their local government elections.”

“That is, once again, how the system is set up. It’s terrible, but the Forward Party isn’t irrational “he stated.