An Open Letter – Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling

Upwards of 100 Republicans in the House signed an open letter on Monday; they committed not to approve raising the debt limit under any conditions, claiming that progressives should shoulder the burden, due to their trillions in planned government expenditures.

Liberals have gone on a historic and huge debt spending frenzy. They approved a $1.9 trillion ‘COVID relief’ package in March without a single conservative vote, according to the letter, which received the backing of 103 House Republicans. They’ve now passed a $3.5 trillion funding bill, with not a single conservative vote in support.

Democrats Need to Shoulder the Responsibility

It goes on to say that in order for this expenditure to happen, our country’s debt limit will have to be raised dramatically. Because liberals are in charge of spending, they must also be in charge of raising the debt ceiling.

GOP Rep. Kevin Hern is the document’s author and the chairman of the Republican Study Commission’s Budget and Expenditure Task Force. GOP Rep. Jim Banks, GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, and several other strong members, including Rep. Dan Crenshaw and House Freedom Group Chairman Andy Biggs are also on board. Nearly half of the 212-member convention is represented by the 103 sponsors.

It’s largely the very same letter that 46 Republican senators agreed to sign earlier in the month; it shows how conservatives are uniting behind Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s method of using the debt ceiling as a stick to nail Democrats to what Republicans see as reckless spending.

They urge liberals to avoid the Senate’s legislative filibuster by enacting the borrowing limit rise through a continuing resolution. The message also adds to the tense atmosphere in what has become a high-stakes political chicken game having potentially disastrous economic consequences if the country defaults on its debts.

Voting to increase the debt limit entails approval of the expenditure. In a statement, Hern said like their counterparts in the Senate, they would like to make it abundantly clear that liberals alone are accountable for this.

Stop the Excessive Spending Now

The congressional Republicans who joined the letter state that they would not vote to exceed the borrowing limit, either through a stand-alone measure, a continuing resolution, or indeed any vehicle.

It further underlines that the administration should not fail on its obligations under any circumstances, but that any failure would be the result of liberals’ failure to use their power to avoid it.

Liberals believe that conservatives’ comments on the debt ceiling are deceptive. They claim that the majority of the expenditure would lead to a debt ceiling breach later this year approved on a bipartisan basis, prior to President Biden taking office.

They also point out that while Republicans were in charge during former President Trump’s initial two years in office, they considerably expanded the deficit; liberals also claim that increasing the debt ceiling has historically been a nonpartisan activity.