Amidst​ Homelessness Crisis, Newsom Promises "Free" Community College…

The massive and ongoing homelessness crisis is an undeniable plight in California. Individuals throughout the Golden State are forced to live in filth and even shut down their businesses as rats, feces, syringes, dirty blankets, and other gross things make waste of the California streets.

Liberal and so-called progressive policies have greatly enabled this crisis, but as citizens of California beg for help, Democrat leaders prefer to turn the other cheek and pretend like what’s right before them doesn’t exist.

This can certainly be said of California Governor Gavin Newsom. With everything happening in his state, you’d think that Newsom’s top priority would be fixing the state which he was elected to govern, starting with handling the homelessness crisis. Although, this couldn’t be further from Newsom’s list of priorities. On Sunday, Newsom announced that California will provide two years of “tuition-free” community college for first-time students, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Newsom’s Latest Plan

At this time, the state of California already provides “free” tuition for poorer students’ first year in college. Therefore, Newsom’s announcement will not have as much of an impact as certain people might believe. Roughly 33,000 of the over 2.1 million California community college students will feel the impact of this latest freebie. However, since nothing in life is free, this plan of cost-free tuition for first-time community college students is set to cost the Golden State an annual $42.6 million.

While so many people in California are struggling and suffering, it’s amazing that Newsom’s response is to hand out more freebies. The homelessness crisis continues to worsen and none of the Democrats who were elected to serve and represent California want to do anything about it.

The citizens of the Golden State ought to remember this next time election season comes around for them. The California governor has received dozens of letters, complaints, and appeals to deal with the alarming homelessness in his state, and yet “free community college” is what he comes up with.

At a time where California has been decimated by progressive policies and “free” this and that, the last thing the governor should be doing is offering another “freebie” which will cost the state tens of millions of dollars.

The Moral of the Story

Despite the sad state of California, there is a lesson to be learned here. Democrat leaders have very clearly shown that their interests lie in serving themselves, rather than serving the individuals who elect them. This is a chilling wake up call for so many Democrat voters because they’ve been conditioned to believe that left-wingers are the “good guys.”

How’s that working out for the people of California? Those who can get out have either already left or are making their way away from areas with rampant homelessness.

Do you think the homelessness situation in California will continue to get worse and worse? Let us know what you forsee in the comments section below.