America’s Leaders Need Answers About Unidentified Flying Objects

Just after fighter planes were called out several days in succession to take down three unexplained airborne objects flying over North America, an increasing national security enigma poses a potential threat.

More UFOs Detected

A week passed since a Chinese balloon believed to be gathering intelligence was tracked and ultimately shot down in front of a large audience.

Now that only scant information is emerging from the Pentagon and Capitol Hill, an extremely rare international incident is becoming increasingly weird and perplexing.

Nobody appears to be capable of explaining precisely what is happening with this most recent downed aircraft, not the White House, the Pentagon, and not even Canada’s government, which had their airspace violated.

This raises concerns about the possible safety of air travel, in addition to the highest military leaders and US spy organizations. Additionally, it leaves a void in the material that Republicans are once more using to cast doubt on President Joe Biden’s ability to lead.

The mystery is taking place in the midst of a tense world in which relationships with China, a growing powerhouse, are getting more strained.

Prior to the aerial item being gunned down over Lake Huron, Democratic Senator Jon Tester of Montana spoke on “Face the Nation” on CBS. He stated the happenings of the past two weeks have been completely insane.

According to Tester, the army must figure out the dangers of what’s happening, but also what these unknown objects are and where they are coming from.

After bringing down the Chinese surveillance balloon off the coast of South Carolina on February 4th, US fighter planes have now destroyed three unknown flying objects since Friday.

This is putting the North American Aerospace Defense Command on high alert.

In the most recent incident, an F-16 brought down an extremely high-altitude target on Sunday afternoon over Lake Huron, which is located between Michigan and Ontario.

According to the Pentagon, the item was classified as a flying danger, rather than a military danger. However, it did link the UFO to a radar signal captured previously over Montana, which is the location of critical assets like US intercontinental launch sites.

Questions Raised

On Saturday, a US F-22 fighter plane operating under the joint control of President Biden and the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, launched a missile that brought down a target hovering at 40,000 feet above central Yukon in Canada’s far north.

Anita Anand, the Minister of National Defence of Canada, reported a cylindrical object that was smaller than the previous surveillance balloon.

A third unknown aircraft was gunned dead over Alaskan territory by an F-22 on Friday. Prior to being taken down, US air members were able to maneuver around the aircraft and noted it didn’t seem to be bearing any surveillance cameras.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.