Americans Who Help Cubans Via Boat will be Punished by the Law

Homeland Security has threatened to arrest, imprison, penalize, and even seize the boats of sailors who assist Cubans fleeing persecution and economic instability at the claws of the Caribbean nation’s socialist dictatorship.

The US Coast Guard, a division of the Department of Homeland Security, issued a warning to mariners who assist Cubans in reaching the United States on Thursday. The Coast Guard stated that it is unlawful for boats to proceed to Cuba without a license for any justification.

Illegal Immigration Over the Southen Border is Fine, but Fleeing Cuba is Not

Boats and individuals having entered Cuban maritime borders without a license, or exiting from U.S. sovereign territory with the motive of trying to enter Cuban waters, may face boat seizure; they could also face criminal and civil punishments of up to $25,000 each day, and a maximum sentence of several years in jail.

People breaking US immigration rules by smuggling foreign citizens into the country in the first place, or those who endeavor to do so, face arrest, vessel seizure, judicial fines of up to $250,000 per day, and sentenced to five years in jail.

However, the Biden government has eased immigration control, reversing most of the previous administration’s restrictions. Conservatives and other opponents blame these reversals for a record influx of migrants coming into the United States from Mexico.

President Joe Biden has maintained the Trump-era epidemic control policy (Title 42), which empowers border officials to remove an immigrant rapidly in order to combat the problem of the coronavirus.

His government, on the other hand, softened it considerably, enabling many immigrants to be exempted. Furthermore, immigrants deported under Title 42 are not subjected to standard readmission consequences such as criminal charges or prison sentences. Thereforr, people are able to make many other attempts to join the United States as they need.

By no longer transporting expelled immigrants outside from Mexico to their home nations hundreds of miles away from the frontier, the Biden government has made it easier for them all to attempt again.

Loyalist forces to the repressive government in Cuba are putting down historical anti-communist protests sparked by the country’s terrible economic situation.

DHS Director Says No Amnesty for Cuban Refugees

DHS Director Alejandro Mayorkas said on Tuesday that the event will likely result in a rise in marine immigration by Cubans wanting to exit their nation by whatever means possible, particularly unlawful boats arriving from Florida.

Nonetheless, he stated that Cubans attempting to reach the United States unlawfully by sea will be denied entry.

The Obama administration stopped the decades-long Cuban migrant program known as Wet Foot, Dry Foot in 2017. It enabled Cubans who arrived in the United States to remain and vote.

For years, many Cubans inside the United States have strongly affiliated with or supported the Republican establishment.