Alabama Governor Issues Statewide Face Mask Mandate

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Republican leaders who choose to implement face mask mandates are coming under increasing fire from conservatives.
Small government and individual liberties are treasured by many conservatives, hence the strong opposition against forced face masking. The mixed science on the effectiveness of face masking, coupled with the possibility of mandatory masking later leading to mandatory vaccines are concerns for many Americans.

While some Republican governors, such as Georgia’s Brian Kemp and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem continue to resist pressure from forced masking proponents, not all GOP leaders are doing this.
On Wednesday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) issued a face mask mandate for the entire state, confirms Fox News.

What to Know About Mandatory Masking in Alabama

The Republican governor’s face mask mandate went into effect for Alabama residents yesterday. Thus far, Governor Ivey’s forced masking order will last until July 31 at 5:00 PM, unless she issues an extension.
Under the mandate, Alabamians must cover their faces while in public spaces and around others. Ivey also maintains that state residents can use just about any material to cover their mouths and noses.

The Alabama governor is not alone in this decision; furthermore, the reality that virtually any material can be recognized as a face covering has furthered beliefs that mandatory masking is about social control instead of health.
Businesses in Alabama also have the right to refuse service to residents who are maskless; however, they are not mandated to do so. This makes Governor Ivey’s mandate slightly less austere than her Michigan counterpart who is ordering businesses to deny service to maskless persons.

Reactions to Governor Ivey’s Mandatory Mask Order

In a statement via Twitter, the Alabama governor acknowledged that enforcing a statewide, mandatory face mask order is “hard.” She then called on Alabama residents to “practice personal responsibility” and wear a face covering.
While Ivey’s mask mandate doesn’t go as far as others, many conservatives are still not happy with her. Some Twitter users responded to the Alabama governor by classifying mandatory masking as “illegal.” Others stated that ongoing wearing of face coverings can cause problems with individuals’ immune systems and intake of oxygen.
Alabama’s statewide mask mandate comes amid rising protests, social pushback, and lawsuits against forced face masking.
What do you think about Alabama’s mandatory mask order? Do you believe Governor Ivey will let the order expire on July 31 or will she extend it? Let us know in the comments section below!