Afghanistan President Flees the Country As Taliban Enters Kabul

In a Friday conversation, retired CIA Director/Military General David Petraeus described the worsening security environment in Afghanistan as “catastrophic” and “disastrous” for not only the United States, but for the entire globe.

Petraeus told The Rita Cosby Show on WABC News that this is a tremendous homeland security failure; he also said that is on the point of growing far worse until we try to take very serious action.

It’s all on Biden’s Withdrawl

The former commanding general of US and multinational troops in Afghanistan explained the cascading effect; this effect happened when the US withdrew the majority of its additional forces.

The departure of the United States triggered the immediate expulsion of all NATO soldiers and contractors, including some who were responsible for maintaining the Afghanistan air force.

Petraeus expressed concern “months earlier” about such a “psychological breakdown” that would happen if Afghan forces discovered they couldn’t maintain the amount of help they’d come to expect in battling the Taliban.

We’re now in a scenario where militants are attempting to surround Kabul, a city with five or six million people, before tens of millions of refugees stream in, he said.

We can put an end to this if we successfully communicate with insurgents that they must cease what they are doing or face the full force of the US Army.

It is All Coming to an End Verry Quickly

The insurgents have made significant gains in recent weeks, seizing control of 240 of the country’s 421 provinces.

The rebel organization also took control of the second-largest cities in Afghanistan, Kandahar, and Heratt, previously this week; this raised fears for Kabul’s security as Taliban fighters approach on the Capitol.

President Biden ordered a major withdrawal of thousands of American diplomats and Afghan translators; he did this by bringing in tens of thousands more troops to supplement the 1,000 currently stationed at the Kabul airport and embassies.

There have been no desirable possibilities here, whether it be the Taliban taking over the world and the kind of civil conflict we saw after the fall of the post-Soviet state, according to Petraeus.

In fact, there are only bad outcomes unless we are willing to admit that things aren’t going as well as more optimistic projections predicted and stay aware.

The former general stated that he does not feel the United States is in immediate danger since what he thinks will inevitably become an Al-Qaeda and Islamic State safe haven. Instead, he sees the aftermath of Afghanistan’s disintegration as the actual danger.

Recall what occurred when Syria’s government collapsed? We used it to dub it the “geopolitical Chernobyl, referring to the bloodshed, fanaticism, and migrant wave that afflicted not just neighboring countries, but also European friends.

Petraeus stated that the crisis has not reached a tipping point; however, it will take a tremendous lot of effort that now the insurgency has taken control of the areas where US soldiers were stationed.