ACLU: Yes, Men Can Menstruate and Give Birth!

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As radical and fringe ideologies continue to run rampant within the Democrat Party, the left-wing has regressed into denying basic biology. Leftists believe that referring to men as men and women as women is inherently sexist and non-inclusive. Furthermore, Democrats subscribe to the ideology that recognizing biological differences between men and women is a form of bigotry.

The world’s got #99problems. The ACLU is by Former UN Special Rapporteur on assembly & associa, on Flickr

The world’s got #99problems. The ACLU is” (Public Domain) by Former UN Special Rapporteur on assembly & associa

Unfortunately, leftist leaders and organized progressive groups are doing nothing to right the aforementioned wrongs; as a matter of fact, they’re encouraging these wrongs. This past Tuesday, on International Men’s Day, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sent out a tweet claiming that men can menstruate, get pregnant and give birth.

At this point, Democrats are just blatantly lying, ignoring facts, and painting truth as a form of hatred. The most laughable part of all is the ACLU’s attempt to brand themselves as “non-partisan” in their Twitter bio.

Why the ACLU is Lying About Male Biology

The left can’t differentiate between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, but they somehow know of 85 different genders; it’s truly amazing.

The aforementioned lies stating that men can menstruate, get pregnant, and give birth are all part of the radically progressive “woke” agenda. Democrats believe that stating truth about biology makes someone a bigot; furthermore, in their attempts to be as “inclusive” as possible, they’re just saying whatever they think sounds liberal, open, and carefree. Reality is utterly irrelevant to them.

Denying realities about gender and biology is not the only flaw of the ACLU. This so-called “non-partisan” organization also favors unchecked, illegal immigration. Since President Trump’s crackdown on unlawful border crossings, the ACLU made it their mission to fight him in court, doing all they can to sabotage progress towards law and order.

Reactions to the ACLU’s Lies About Gender and Biology

In truth, the ACLU received a fair amount of pushback for their deception about men, menstruation, and pregnancy. Even their own followers called the organization’s tweet out, noting it as far-fetched and untrue.

Despite the rightful pushback, the ACLU declined to walk back their comments, issue a statement, or acknowledge the reality that men cannot menstruate, get pregnant, or give birth.

As long as the radical left continues lying to Americans, they’re going to keep losing in politics. Leftists are so unhinged that even people who would ordinarily support them are doing a double-take. The 2016 election truly broke the Democrat Party; in their desperation to “resist” the president, they’ve only self-sabotaged.

What do you think about the ACLU’s assessment of men and biology? Can men, in fact, menstruate, give pregnant, and give birth? Let us know in the comments section below!