ACLU Moves to Keep Illegals in America

At this point in American history, it has been well-established that illegal immigration is a crime. No matter how much Democrats try to dance around the issue, sneaking across the Southern border or otherwise entering the country without following the immigration laws is illegal.

As such, President Trump has made it very clear that he will not stand for the flagrant breach of this nation’s immigration laws. He’s now predictably facing pushback from progressive groups which are keen on enabling those who sneak across the border.

The president’s no-nonsense stance against illegal immigration has prompted a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation. In the lawsuit, the ACLU claims that deporting illegal immigrants conflicts with due process rights. The organization has also attempted to claim that certain immigrants are facing unwarranted deportations.

Everything to Know about the ACLU’s Lawsuit

The ACLU’s lawsuit is rooted in their desire for the United States government to sanction illegal immigration; that’s what this ultimately boils down to despite fanfare and talks of righteousness. The current lawsuit is now pushing for illegal immigrants to have to go through the court system, following apprehension, instead of being immediately deported after they sneak into the country.

Those who are paying attention know that this lawsuit is a chess move towards the ultimate leftist victory of allowing illegal immigrants to remain in America.

In a statement, a lawyer for the organization asserted that it is somehow illegal for the president to deport illegal immigrants.

“Hundreds of thousands of people living anywhere in the U.S. are at risk of being separated from their families and expelled from the country without any recourse. This is a dramatic and illegal escalation in the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrant communities.”

The Leftist Push to Decriminalize Illegal Immigration

The ACLU’s lawsuit comes as various Democrats across the nation call for government-sanctioned illegal immigration. Even to this very day, left-wing candidates running in the 2020 presidential election have no issue with campaigning on the decriminalization of sneaking across the Southern border. This happens as countless Americans starve in the streets and as migrants who legally seek asylum are forced to wait for years.

Democrats are moreover accusing the Trump administration of committing human rights atrocities by not allowing illegals to simply waltz across the border and remain in America.

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