Che Guevara’s Daughter Says Cuban Government Should Get More Violent

Aleida Guevara March is the child of socialist mass killer Che Guevara; moreover, she has pushed the Cuban communist regime to use more harsh, oppressive tactics against the island’s thousands (or even millions) of low-income protesters.

Throughout the early years of the Cuban Revolutionary War, Guevara (an Argentine-Irish Marxist who helped Fidel Castro’s small group of militant communists in taking over the Island in 1959) acted as finance minister.

He coordinated shooting parties targeting opposition figures; he also publicly bragged to the international community that the Republic intended to murder significant numbers of Cubans.

Leftists seem to Forget that Che Guevara Loathed Homosexuals and Blacks

Che Guevara also published works on his bigotry toward African people across the world, as well as his loathing for LGBT people; he considered them unsuited for molding into the New Soviet Man, as Marxists had promised to do with communities under their rule.

Considering this, Guevara was, and remains to be, regarded with great admiration by the global community. During his 2016 trip to Cuba, then-President Barack Obama stood with a mural of Che Guevara in the Square of the Revolutionaries.

Guevara’s birthdate was recognized in June by UNESCO, the United Nations’ world heritage organization, which shared a careful video clip of his 1964 address to the World Summit. The following is missing from the UNESCO snippet: We have carried out firing squad assassinations. We execute and will continue to execute as much as it is required. Our fight is a life-or-death conflict.

Guevara has a Questionable Track Record When it Comes to Killing

Guevara declared in other works that he enjoyed killing and that hate was the most important characteristic of communism. Guevara’s photo is so common on the global left that perhaps the Cuban exile society frequently decries it in demonstrations against ruling leadership; they’re also urging American citizens not to wear his picture on t-shirts and other merchandise because of his legacy as a mass murderer.

Guevara March voiced her statements in support of socialist brutality during an appearance with Argentina’s far-left Station Rebelde last week. The interview was purportedly televised in Argentina on Thursday, but it was widely circulated in Cuban exiled media early this week.

Guevara said there are things going on that are being controlled by the US. She declared that really low-class individuals, individuals without scruples, have flocked to the roads in Cuba, while some idiots have followed. Guevara asserted that the people have behaved admirably and that the situation is beginning to stabilize.

Guevara March went on to say that we, without elaborating, are asking that police use more harsh measures and that officials act and preserve what is ours. Guevara March, as with most Castro followers, tried to attack the US for its purported embargo on Cuba.

This embargo prevents big corporations from doing enterprise with the Castro dictatorship but it does not inhibit deliveries of humanitarian assistance, such as food and medical supplies; it also allows largely unrestricted journeys in between two countries.

The Communist Party claims to have produced its own vaccination against the Chinese coronavirus, but due to the blockade, it lacks injections, according to claims from Guevara March.