Growing Divide in the Democrat Party

"Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016" by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Joe Biden has landed in Great Britain; since landing, Biden met up with Prime Minister Boris Johnson before the G-7 Summit in the coastal town of Carbis Bay.

Biden and Johnson met for a formal meeting to discuss global warming, world security, the Afghanistan conflict, and coronavirus. They also announced a new agreement connected to the Atlantic Charter; this was signed for the first time by Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, leading to the establishment of the United Nations and NATO.

Biden will be staying at the Tregenna Castle Resort in Carbis Bay for the meeting. This is an eighteenth-century seaside castle encircled by more than 70 acres of grounds, woods, as well as its own 18 hole golf country club.

For ordinary guests, a night’s stay there can cost upwards of $500.

This marks Joe Biden’s first visit to another country since his election as president; however, the break from Washington’s politics must be a welcome one, as the ever-growing rift in his party is becoming more and more evident.

Mark Brnovich, the Arizona Attorney General, asked President Biden to come back from his trip overseas and confront the large migrant influx on the Mexican border; this happened after data from border agents in May revealed the number of migrants entering the United States is at a record high.

The Rift

“Vice President Joe Biden visit to Israel March 2016” by U.S. Embassy Jerusalem is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The bizarre anti-Jewish statements where House Rep. Ilhan Omar compared Israel and the USA with Hamas caused a strong blowback. The blowback came from moderate Democrats and people of Jewish faith in the party.

This resulted in a back-and-forth series of insults and accusations from both sides. A joint statement from moderate Democrats sharply criticized the so-called “squad” of far-left Democrats.

The squad hit back with claims that they have been put in danger by Islamophobes in the party.

Why the Conflict?

This all started after Omar began making similar claims in a committee hearing and tweeting about unfathomable crimes committed by the US, Israel, Hamas, Afghanistan, and the Taliban on Monday.

The statement by moderate Democrats noted that one cannot ignore the difference between a state run by the principles of rule of law and democracy vs. one run by organizations dedicated to terrorism and death. 

As usual, the far-left responded with statements saying how they are silenced by the moderates who are shameful for being Islamophobic and anti-black.

It’s important to point out that supporting democracy in the Middle East has nothing to do with skin color. Complaining about being silenced while delivering a public statement is also the perfect definition of an oxymoron. 

Omar issued a statement Thursday afternoon. In this statement, she claimed her words were not an assertion that the democratic government of Israel and the USA (with a developed judicial system) was the same as Hamas or the Taliban.