60% of Americans Displeased with Government's COVID-19 Response

"The White House Lit for Childhood Cancer" (Public Domain) by The White House

Since coronavirus turned the nation upside, the federal government has stepped in with a series of mitigation strategies.
From lockdowns to mask edicts, social distancing restrictions, and more, the federal government claims to be acting on behalf of Americans. Despite branding various acts and decrees as in the best interest of the country’s people, the people largely aren’t going for it.

According to Washington Examiner, the majority of Americans are utterly unsatisfied with the ways that our national government has reacted to coronavirus.
This dissatisfaction coincides with certain Democrats being caught ignoring the COVID-19 mitigation strategies that they’ve demanded others to follow.

Why Americans Aren’t Pleased with the National Response to Coronavirus

A new survey from Axios/Ipsos shows that 60% of the country thinks that the federal government’s reactions to COVID-19 have only worsened matters. Meanwhile, 43% of Americans believe that the virus will be subdued and managed within the next six months; although, another 57% of the nation disagrees with this outlook.

Many critics of the federal government have pointed out the shift in mitigation strategies. In the eyes of many Americans, what once started as “15 days to slow the spread” has turned into seemingly indefinite mask mandates and potentially worse; just last month, Virginia announced an upcoming, statewide COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
The various shutdowns in different parts of the country are also triggering the ire of many Americans. Millions of individuals still remain without work and jobs; meanwhile, economists are already predicting that future job loss still lies ahead.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Factor

In many circles, a vaccine for coronavirus is heralded as a necessary tool for a return to normal. However, merely weeks ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) came out and stated that people should make “permanent adjustments” to their lifestyles to combat coronavirus.

Meanwhile, certain developers of vaccines have warned that social distancing and masks won’t immediately vanish even when people can get vaccinated against COVID-19. This, also, is concerning to many Americans. Even Dr. Fauci has suggested that the coronavirus vaccine may only carry an effectiveness rate of 60%.
A significant amount of polled Americans have stated that they won’t get the vaccine when it comes out. Individuals with this outlook have concerns about the speed of production; meanwhile, others do not view a 99%+ survivable virus as worthy of a vaccination.
What do you think about the federal government’s response to COVID-19? Are they mitigating the situation or making matters worse? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!