50 Al-Shabaab Militants Taken Out by U.S. Military in Airstrike

Days ago, a total of 50 Al-Shabaab militants were effectively taken out by the United States military via airstrike, according to Townhall.

What Happened

The U.S. Africa Command shared news about their airstrike which occurred around Jilib, Middle Juba Region. This airstrike in response to a series of attacks which were carried out by al-Shabaab militants. Members of Al-Shabaab are responsible for a series of attacks which include, but are not limited to, extortion, theft of humanitarian aid, and murder. The U.S. military is not going to stand for it.
The announcement from the U.S. Africa Command came in an official press release. A notable excerpt reads as follows:

“U.S. forces will use all appropriate and appropriate methods to protect the Somali people, including partnered military counter-terrorist operations with the Federal Government of Somali, AMISOM, and Somali National Army forces.”

View the full press release here:

The United States Military

Instances like these are simply reminders of how thankful Americans ought to be for the United States military. Unfortunately, we’re living in a time where members of the military are not always acknowledged or appreciated for their service as they should be.
However, we can change that by recognizing the work of military officials and always remembering to issue our ‘thank you’ whenever we see a serviceperson.
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